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What’s a BT chapter?

Building Tomorrow chapters are groups of students on campuses across the country who are passionate about creating a world where all children have accesses to an education, committed to making a real impact, and willing to dedicate their time and talents to a cause greater than themselves. BT chapters share BT, fundraise and create positive change.

  1. Fundraise: In order to provide their children with access to an education our partner communities in East Africa need access to resources. That’s why each BT chapter works toward the goal of funding 1 BT classroom ($3,500) per semester.
  2. Share BT: Chapter members engage their campus in BT’s work and raise awareness about the global education crisis on their campus.
  3. Create positive change: Most importantly, BT chapters create a lasting impact in both their community, by sharing about BT’s mission and the need to improve access to education across the world, and in BT partner communities by funding safe, permanent, and local schools.

How do chapters make an impact?

As a result of BT Ambassadors’ determination and leadership, BT chapters have raised well over half a million dollars for the construction of primary schools in rural Uganda, developed a strong connection to their global community and have gained an understanding of the privileges and opportunities we so often take for granted.

Along the way student leaders have…

  • Motivated their peers to become actively involved in a cause greater than themselves
  • Networked with businesses and individuals to gain support for their chapters’ activities
  • Collaborated and built partnerships with a multitude of campus groups
  • Created, planned, and completed, countless successful events and projects

My school isn’t listed. How can I start a chapter?

All of Building Tomorrow’s chapters were founded by students, like you, who wanted to use their talents to make a real impact. You can bring Building Tomorrow to your school by applying to become a BT Ambassador through our on-line application form.

Learn more about our BT Ambassadors program.