Roots to Rise Ewaka

Shortly after COVID-19 caused the suspension of classes worldwide, Building Tomorrow recognized existing remote learning options—such as radio or internet-based programs—were not viable for students in underserved communities with limited access to technology and low literacy and numeracy rates. To meet this need for a low-cost, low-tech, engaging learning platform, Building Tomorrow transitioned the delivery of Roots to Rise programming from the classroom—where it has been proven widely effective—to an at-home option. The result is Building Tomorrow’s own remote learning platform, Roots to Rise Ewaka (at-home).

See how Roots to Rise Ewaka works

Roots to Rise Ewaka is an automated distance learning tool for basic mobile phones. It utilizes interactive voice technology to allow learners to engage with pre-recorded numeracy and literacy lessons, while constantly checking for comprehension to tailor the experience to each learner's level of understanding.