Get to Know Us

vision & mission

Building Tomorrow envisions a world where every child with a desire to learn has a safe, permanent and local place to do so. Working towards this goal, Building Tomorrow empowers young people to invest their resources, time and talents in providing students in East Africa with access to an education.

our model

a note on transparency | Early in 2013 we embarked on a project to document, in great detail, the evolution of Building Tomorrow’s model from 2006 to 2012 and outline a step-by-step look at our programs, policies, and overall quality of education strategy moving forward in 2013. Building Tomorrow: from Access to Learning is the result of those efforts and, in line with our ongoing commitment to transparency & open-sourcing every aspect of our model, we’re thrilled to share it with you.

  1. Young people – including BT Ambassadors – outreach, advocate and fundraise on behalf of students in Uganda and their right to an education; ultimately raising money for a new primary school.
  2. Working with the local government, we identify communities in rural Uganda with little or no access to a primary school & a strong commitment to their children’s education.
  3. We issue a challenge grant to the community, covering the cost of construction materials and skilled labor in return for their promise to donate 3 acres of land & volunteer approximately 15,000 hours of unskilled labor.
  4. Community members and local leaders form organizing committees – largely comprised of women – to oversee construction and, ultimately, management of the school.
  5. Together, we build a ten-room school with seven classrooms, an office, a library, meeting space, toilets and a field for play.
  6. Each school opens as a community-supported, government-aided primary school; with the government funding teachers for grades P1 to P7 and the community funding a nursery class.
  7. Students, families and communities in Uganda receive a safe, local & permanent school to call their own.

our impact

Since our founding in 2006, thousands of students across the US have raised over $600,000 for the construction of schools in rural Uganda, have developed a strong connection to their global community and have gained an understanding of the privileges and opportunities we so often take for granted.

According to”Engineer Gasana”, a community leader and land donor to Building Tomorrow in Uganda, “If people in America can come to Africa and really help us, why don’t we people who are here also contribute?” To date, our partner communities have donated 35 acres of land and volunteered over 200,000 hours of labor to build schools for their children.

In Uganda, each school serves as a source of pride and a catalyst for change within the community. We have seen roads built, gardens harvested, scholarships funded, teachers organized, and housing constructed as a direct result of communities being empowered to help themselves.

our success

As of March 2014, Building Tomorrow has 14 open schools, one preparing to open, and an additional five currently under site planning and/or construction, each providing learning space for up to 315 students.

our future

In 2011, as part of the Clinton Global Initiative, Building Tomorrow made a public commitment to increase access to quality education for thousands of children in East Africa by constructing 60 community-built, stakeholder-sustained primary schools and developing the teaching capacity of 450 teachers by 2016.