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Building Tomorrow Schools
each BT primary school has 7 classrooms, an office, a library, toilets, a soccer field and learning space for up to 315 students
Our primary schools are the heart and soul of our work and are only made possible by the efforts of countless individuals, families and communities around the world. In essence, Building Tomorrow’s US operations exist solely as a support network to provide our partner communities in East Africa with the resources they need to help themselves.

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#22 TBD
supported by Friends & Family of Kathy Ellis-Inman
groundbreaking TBD
on-site staff TBD
location TBD
#21 TBD
supported by University of Notre Dame
groundbreaking TBD
on-site staff TBD
location Rakai District, Uganda
#20 kibimba
supported by Indiana University, Hope College, DePauw University
groundbreaking 3-18-14
on-site staff Vincent Luboobi
location Lwengo District, Uganda
#19 butiti
supported by The Kiani Family
groundbreaking 1-24-14
on-site staff Jjumba Cyprian
location Nakasongola District, Uganda
#18 kamusenene
supported by The Kiani Family
groundbreaking 10-11-13
on-site staff Allan Kamoja
location Lyantonde District, Uganda
#17 binikira
supported by The Kiani Family
groundbreaking 11-16-13
on-site staff William Burungu
location Lyantonde District, Uganda
#16 mayira
supported by University of Virginia & Studio reCOVER
groundbreaking 4-3-14
on-site staff Geoffrey
location Lwengo District, Uganda