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BT Academy of Mabaale
NEW! Construction is complete on BT's 1st academy in Uganda's Kalungu District!

supported by One Day’s Wages

Back in 2011, One Day’s Wages, an organization devoted to eradicating extreme global poverty, awarded Building Tomorrow their largest matching grant to-date: $30,000 for the construction of a new school. A pretty incredible gift in and of itself. What was even more incredible, however, is that once we reached our goal via our One Day’s Wages campaign, a community in Mabaale, Uganda matched their gift once again. Here’s how it all unfolded:


1-8-14 Members of our Board of Directors participated in a ceremony with the entire community to celebrate the end of construction!
1-6-14 Toilet masonry work was completed yesterday – now they just need to roof and do the inside finishing.
12-17-13 Doors and windows on the front side of the building have been coped.
12-5-13 On the recommendation of our Community Development Officer, Vincent, chalkboards in the lower-level classrooms are being installed lower to accommodate the younger students; a trend that will likely continue.
11-21-13 With the majority of construction work complete, community members have started working on “beautifying” the compound; collecting and planting flowers all over the school’s grounds.
11-11-13 Construction continues at a steady paste with the latrines already dug to 15 feet and counting!
10-21-13 Roofing continues!
10-21-13 With work on the ring beam complete, materials have been delivered for roofing the lower block.
10-15-13 Our community development officers participated in an on-site training at Mabaale today; sharing best practices, tips and tricks they’ve each learned. Here is Vincent teaching the team about the nursery plants and Burungu’s demonstration of how to construct the walls without poking holes through them with the eucalyptus!
8-21-13 Walls are going up quickly!
8-9-13 The community finished slabbing the last classroom of the upper block today and nearly completed work on the veranda. The foundation walls of the lower block are almost finished as well.
7-15-13 With back-filling complete and walls starting to go up, the lower classroom block is beginning to take shape!
7-2-13 Volunteers have started back-filling the foundation of the upper classroom block. Next up: compound the earth and lay a concrete slab floor.
6-20-13 With truckloads of bricks being delivered on-site, work is well underway on the foundation.
6-3-13 Two members of the Building Committee in Mabaale attended the opening of the BT Academy of Kidula.
5-20-13 Construction has started! Community members were out in full force to begin digging the foundation of the future BT Academy of Mabaale.
4-23-13 Plans and detailed blueprints have been finalized and approved by BT’s team of engineers and advisors.
8-13 Today, through your generosity, we are excited to announce that One Day’s Wages and Building Tomorrow have completed a campaign that will enable us to build our 15th Building Tomorrow Academy in Uganda, providing 325 kids with a desk to sit in, a chalkboard to learn from and a community’s first permanently-built place of learning. Moreover, it will be built through over 20,000 hours of donated labor and on land gifted specifically for the purpose of building a primary-level school.

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