Do you have what it takes to be a BT Ambassador?

Do you…

  • have a passion for education equality?
  • believe in the power of young people to change the world?
  • enjoy navigating unforeseen challenges?
  • consider yourself an incredibly creative thinker?
  • consider yourself outgoing & a “people-person”?
  • have an unshakable thirst to be at the heart of social change?
  • love to talk about things that interest you & share your ideas with others?
  • think that more people should join in Building Tomorrow?

Answer yes to the questions above? Keep reading!

perks of being an ambassador

  • create something big to impact thousands of lives
  • gain real-world experience
  • develop your leadership skills
  • gain experience in the non-profit sector
  • connect with like-minded peers all over the US
  • make a tangible difference

the program

None of what we do would be possible without the support of people like you.

In short? We need your help to spread the word to as many people as possible so we can continue doing what we do best: building schools for children around the world with a desire to learn and no place to do so. The best part? You can be most effective by working from, you guessed it, right on campus!

learn more & apply online!

BT is currently hiring for the following positions:

Uganda-based Engineer in Residence (1 full-time)
US-based Partnership Development interns (2 part-time)
US-based Storytelling interns (2 part-time)

Engineer in Residence overview

Over the past year, BT has devoted significant time, energy and resources towards streamlining and scaling our construction efforts in Uganda. Our Engineer in Residence has overseen this process to-date; aided by our “BT Blueprint” – a literal “how-to” guide for our work in Uganda.

Specifically, the Engineer in Residence will oversee all aspects of pre- and active-construction. (S)he will lead Building Tomorrow’s construction team and will work directly with the Logistics Officer, Assistant Logistics Officer, Community Development Officers and Building Committees. The Engineer in Residence will report directly to the Uganda Country Director while also maintaining regular direct communication with the US office.


Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Inspecting each potential site to determine the feasibility of construction (review boundaries, orientation, accessibility & quality
    of construction materials – in partnership with Logistics Officer)
  • Draft sketches and draw-up final blueprints for final approval
  • Develop, coordinate, and provide ongoing training programs for CDOs
  • Review, establish and regularly update BT construction standards
  • Ensure adherance to BT construction standards and maintain responsibility for maintaining quality control (materials,
    workmanship, etc.) during each phase of work
  • Coordinate & oversee site clearance
  • Recruit, organize & assign construction team(s), masons and foremen
  • Approve & formally sign-off on each phase of work
  • Provide on-site support to all active construction sites and construction staff; visiting each site no less than 10 times throughout
    the duration of construction (broken down by phase: 3 times during the foundation, 1 during slabbing, 4 during walling, 2 during roofing,
    and once to provide final approval)
  • Collect construction photo updates from all CDOs
  • Maintain and adhere to construction timelines (making daily use of BT’s checklist & schedule and providing weekly updates to greater BT

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Internship overview

Building Tomorrow is seeking motivated college students to serve as part-time interns in our Indy-based office during the fall semester.

Partnership Development interns will assist the Millennial Motivator in developing strategic partnerships to increase Building Tomorrow’s reach on college campuses.

Storytelling interns will bring to the table fresh ideas to help us share our work through a variety of media platforms. Storytelling interns will work together to create compelling visual content for Building Tomorrow to share with college chapters, current and potential donors, and supporters.

Internships are 12 weeks long (15 hrs/week) and begin in September.

the format

Building Tomorrow believes that creativity, innovation, and learning require idea sharing and collaborative environments. To facilitate collaboration, Building Tomorrow employs a unique internship model called a paired internship program. Within the construct of the paired internship program, two part-time interns are hired for each intern project. Intern pairs will work together to generate innovative ideas and complete assigned projects.

specific responsibilities

Partnership Development interns will, among other duties:

  • Research potential philanthropic and university based partnerships
  • Draft outreach material for new potential partners
  • Reach out to potential on-campus partners
  • Attend over the phone meetings with the Millennial Motivator and potential partners

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Storytelling interns will, among other duties:

  • Research effective storytelling campaigns used in the nonprofit sector
  • Meet one-on-one with BT team members to gather information and document stories
  • Use a variety of multi-media platforms to create engaging content such as virtual or print story books, a short video series, presentations, blog posts
    (we want you to use your imagination, our goal is to document stories that we have not had the chance to tell)
  • Create content to be shared on social media outlets including BT’s YouTube page

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