Bike to Uganda 2009: Coming Soon to a School Near You!


This April, five universities across the country will take on a challenge of epic proportions. In total, they will attempt to bike 30,000+ miles and raise $100,000+ to fund the construction of primary academies throughout central Uganda.

Bike to Uganda is Building Tomorrow’s most successful fund-raiser to date. Over the past two years, thousands of people across the country have biked more than 30,000 miles and raised more than $40,000 for BT. Though the ultimate goal is the same – to “bike” the distance from one’s university to Uganda and obtain financial sponsorships to build a school – the event itself varies from an afternoon to a week in length.

And this year, we are adding something new to the mix, a race between rivals Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia, to see who can bike the farthest, the fastest and raise the most money for BT. Registration is open!

Now how does biking help build schools, you ask? Bike to Uganda works just like any other walk-a-thon or marathon “for good”. Participants are asked to obtain sponsorships from friends and family for every mile they bike. Select BT chapters are even opening up the opportunity for individuals to purchase miles if they are unable to bike.

Will they make it? We sure do hope so. But, to quote fellow school-builder and the first man to climb Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hilary, “…if you set out on adventure and you are absolutely convinced you are going to be successful, why bother starting?” Regardless of the results, we are 100 percent certain that they will have fun trying.

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