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By: Katherine Janowski
The DePauw
Issue date: 4/16/10 Section: Going the Distance Little 5 2010

This year, Little 5 cyclists won’t be riding just for campus glory. Building Tomorrow, an organization on campus dedicated to raising $45,000 to build a school in Uganda, has worked to create campus-wide events for the entire week of Little 5.

“We co-sponsored with the Little 5 committee to make Little 5 a whole week,” said Chelsey Jonason, student director of Building Tomorrow.

Building Tomorrow has hosted several events throughout the week and paired with the Little 5 steering committee for the Sunday tailgate. The organization also tried to get other organizations to come out to the events to bring the campus together.

From Sunday until Thursday, stationary bikes were set up in Bowman Park.

“The idea is that if each student biked 6 miles we could bike to Uganda and back,” Jonason said.

Riding a bike cost $3 to go 6 miles, which is also the distance a child in Uganda must walk in order to get to school and back.

Junior Paige Henderson is co-chair of Building Tomorrow and says that she hopes “to bring awareness of the cause to the university and try to involve as many people as possible in reaching our goal.”

Building Tomorrow also wanted the week to encompass a common forum where the campus could come together and talk about the politics of philanthropy.

“I hope something comes out of this event to evolve philanthropy on DePauw’s campus,” Jonasan said.

Jonason wants to promote the cause of Building Tomorrow, but also wants to show how philanthropies can be educational and fun.

“The main goal of the event is to have education come in with the events because many people don’t educate themselves,” Jonason said.

Henderson agrees. “I hope participants get a better understanding of what Building Tomorrow is and for some to start seeing the organization in a good light,” she said.

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