Building Tomorrow’s 3 Clicks 1 Brick Challenge!


We’re trying to raise the resources for a new classroom in Uganda and we need your help!

We’ve secured the help of a donor who has offered to donate 1 brick for every 3 supporters we get for Facebook Causes. If we can get to our goal of 10,000 supporters, we’ll have over 3,000 bricks- the number in a BT Academy Classroom.

Help us reach our goal of 3,000 bricks and 10,000 supporters! Join the cause, then tell your friends to join! The top 10 recruiters from now through July 31st will receive a Building Tomorrow T-shirt (100% Organic Cotton. 100% Made in Uganda), and the top overall recruiter will win an iPod Shuffle.

Start Building Tomorrow! 3 Clicks is 1 Brick!

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