Meet Sarah


name Sarah Wanyana
age 7 years old (musanvu)
home Kyeitabya, Uganda (Kiboga District)
class P2

Sarah lives with her mother and two of her six older siblings. Unfortunately, Sarah’s father passed away and, to support her and her two sisters (Maureen and Nakibule), her mother splits her time between a nearby outdoor brewery and farming (or as Sarah says, “digging”). Sarah and her sisters all attend Nakaseeka Primary School. Sarah loves to learn; her favorite subject is English and she tells us that she can’t wait to learn how to write. She also loves the color green. Her favorite animals are goats. Her favorite food is rice (a delicacy in rural Uganda). And, much to our surprise, Sarah says she loves cleaning dishes (we promise – just ask her)! Sarah also told us that her favorite activity outside of school is playing with dolls…although she tells us she is still hoping for a doll of her own one day.

Before and after school each day, Sarah collects water for her family (just as many other girls in her community do, too). She carries a 10 liter jug filled to the brim…heavy for her by anyone’s standards yet, unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to see many girls in her community carrying jugs twice that size (our team in Uganda had a difficult time carrying just that – full 20 liter jugs or “jerry cans” – back from the river). With all of the walking Sarah does each day, we weren’t surprised when she told us that the one thing she is most excited about when it comes to her new school, the future BT Academy of Kyeitabya, is the simple fact that it is “okumpi” (Lugandan for “near”). We’re excited, too, and hope that her new school will get her one step closer to hear dream of becoming a doctor or a nurse one day so that she can return to take care of her community.

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