What can you do with a dollar?


onebrickIn 90 seconds, we can make one brick in Uganda.

In time, we’ll make 24,000 bricks.
And 24,000 bricks builds a school;
that empowers a community;
who raises a generation;
that can change the world.

And it all starts with $1, one brick, and you.

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved with Building Tomorrow, here’s your chance. Join Building Tomorrow’s OneBrick campaign and 100 percent of the money you raise will go towards the construction of a new school in Uganda.

Sell bricks in your classroom, at a football game, in the dining hall, in your local coffee shop, in your school’s bookstore, in the library, to all of your classmates, outside of school, door to door, … you name it. One dollar buys one brick and supports the construction of a new school for 325 students in Uganda….100 percent.

There are still millions of children throughout sub-Saharan Africa with a desire to learn and no place to do so.
We are Building Tomorrow to change that. Wanna help?

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