Plan B


joseph's plan bOne of the many things we’ve learned over time at Building Tomorrow is the importance of Plan B (and C, D, E, F, etc.). In short, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Construction documents don’t get approved in as timely a manner as we’d like, materials aren’t in stock for weeks or the unexpected finds a way to foul up our plans. That’s why we’re almost always equipped with a Plan B.

Driving through North Carolina today, Joseph, Building Tomorrow’s Country Director in Uganda, wanted to see what all these ‘outlet’ stores are all about. So we stopped in at the cheesiest we could find and found out some good entertainment could be had perusing the endless aisles of kitschy junk.

At the end of one aisle, I’m pretty sure Joseph found his Plan B. In case the whole school building thing doesn’t work out, Joseph is now great friends with “Sonny,” a fun-loving puppet in a slick red robe. Sonny came alive after meeting Joseph, showing off nearby items, making impassioned pleas for gifts and even shaking my hand. While the ladies at this fine store were very impressed by how quickly Joseph learned the ropes, Sonny is still at home in North Carolina and Joseph’s well-received talks will keep Plan B at bay.

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