YesKidzCan!Here at BT, we know a good thing when we see it. And YesKidzCan! is definitely a good thing. This organization supports social entrepreneurism and community service in the younger generations, K-5 to be more specific. They have been incredibly successful in their efforts, and were even recognized as a Distinguished Honoree by the Mom’s Choice Awards this year. It is never too early to get involved in bettering the world community, and a part of our mission here at Building Tomorrow is to encourage philanthropy among young people. We pride ourselves on staying true to that mission and pledging our support to other incredible organizations that share our perspective, such as YesKidzCan! On their website,, ideas and tools targeted to this young demographic are highlighted, as well as information about social entrepreneurism in general. Their website features links to organizations with similar values, instructions for fun and inspiring activities and other relevant resources. One particularly exciting initiative on their website is an awards program for children to come up with their own social entrepreneurial idea.

Students in 3rd through 5th grade have been invited by YesKidzCan! to create a short outline proposing a business-like activity (such as a lemonade stand or bake sale) to benefit a cause of their choice. Applications are short – only 10 questions – and winners will be awarded $100 in seed money towards their activity as a part of the organization’s Social KidPreneurz Award. We hope some of our young Building Tomorrow entrepreneurs will submit creative ideas to raise funds and awareness for their peers in Uganda. We’re also really excited about this initiative because it encourages a life-long involvement in philanthropy for students. YesKidzCan! provides the resources and tools necessary to facilitate the development of this passion at a very young age. This is definitely an organization that we encourage you to check out and see how you can get involved! Think about how far that $100 could go to building a school in Africa. That’s 100 of the 24,000 bricks needed to make up an entire Building Tomorrow academy.

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