Today is Ugandan Heroes’ Day


So we thought we’d take the time to recognize all of the incredible students and individuals who dedicate themselves to Building Tomorrow everyday. We often highlight the students that we’re helping, and the communities that we bring change to – but we sometimes fail to give due recognition to the fundraisers and awareness-builders in our own backyard.

For the rest of the summer, we are placing the spotlight on YOU, the BTers who make it all possible. We’ll be posting pictures and stories to remind you of how far we’ve come in the short six years since George Srour decided that he wanted to make Building Tomorrow a full-time job. We also want to share with you exciting news about the future, new chapters, and new schools – so stay tuned and stay involved.

BT internsAnd we hope that you’ll share your personal experiences with us as well. We ask that you post pictures and stories of how you are Building Tomorrow on our Facebook wall and Twitter page (@BldgTomorrow). To start us off, here is a picture of our four summer interns. Erin, Nicola, Claire and Estelle are Building Tomorrow everyday. They reach out to teachers and media who will help support our cause, and produce videos which will be available to you by the end of the summer. We see what they’re doing in the office, but from so far away we can’t see what you’re doing unless you share it with us. So please do!!

We also encourage all of you to “like” and comment on your favorite posts, because at the end of the summer we will be awarding prize packs of Building Tomorrow gear (bags, t-shirts, pens, you name it) for the three most popular entries. Though we know that any prize pack, no matter how awesome – and they are awesome – is no reward compared to knowing the impact of the educations now available to children at our BT Academies. On behalf of those more than 1,500 children who can now attend school everyday, Congratulations! And keep up the good work.

Ultimately, we just want to thank you BTers, you are the true heroes. Whether you participated in “Sit for Good” with your class or “Bike to Uganda” on your college campus, donated, “Learned Luganda” on Twitter, liked us on Facebook or even volunteered in Uganda yourself – YOU are Building Tomorrow. You never cease to amaze us with your dedication and passion for the cause. Thank you all and please help us tell your stories this summer.

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