Meet George and Edith


In Uganda, one child’s education is a community affair. Today we’d like to introduce two incredible and inspiring teens who have committed themselves to providing opportunities for the next generation. Both George and Edith were in secondary school when Building Tomorrow first came to town, but this didn’t stop them from pioneering change for their younger siblings and friends.

georgeWhen we first met George, he was a 16 year old student in Kiyamaba, Uganda. He was lucky enough to attend primary school in another district, and was working hard at his secondary education. He is the oldest of five siblings, a role model to four sisters who shared his passion for learning. But in 2008, when talks of building a BT Academy filled the community, learning inside of a classroom was nothing more than a cherished, far-off dream for these girls. Regardless of the difficulties, George and many others in the community who knew how important this opportunity was, put faith in that dream. So they began to build. With a wide smile, a jerry can full of water, and trough in hand, George quickly became a permanent member of the construction crew. He attended nearly every community meeting and volunteered all of his time outside of school towards the new BT Academy of Kiyamba. As a student set on the path to succeed, George could have easily ignored the need of his community, but as he told us, “I am here because of my sisters.”

edith-nakayeEdith recognized the same need in Gita, Uganda, as she too decided to get involved. As a secondary student and the youngest child in her family, Edith had no siblings to support. Yet her community roots run deep, and she decided to commit herself to the creation of a BT Academy . Edith herself dreams of being a nurse, and recognized that her primary education was the first step in propelling herself towards that dream. When she finishes school, Edith intends to open a clinic in Gita so that community members will have access to greatly needed medical aid. And she hopes to open doors for those with similar dreams, so that they can together build a brighter future for their community.

We believe that a part of what makes Building Tomorrow capable of making such powerful change is the energy generated by our students and supporters, here and abroad. To see young community members identifying with our cause, and supporting it with all of their might, is a source of unparalleled inspiration. We hope that you will continue to join us here, as well as on Twitter and Facebook, as we celebrate their stories this summer.

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