A Read-a-Thon for Education


This summer we’ve made a point to tell the incredible stories of our BTers and what they’re doing to change the world. One such inspiring student is Claire, a 21 year old changemaker at the University of California, Berkley. She is passionate about reading and describes some of her favorite memories as being inside the classroom, “where the instructors nurtured my thirst for knowledge and instilled in me a passion for the written word.” Claire’s studies have led her to recognize a responsibility to the global community, one which inspired her to get involved with Building Tomorrow.

read-a-thonClaire chose to support our cause through an individual campaign with One Day’s Wages. This organization is a BT-partner who recently awarded us their largest matching grant to date, of $30,000. Claire is helping us work towards that goal by doing what she knows best, reading. Her campaign is a five-month Read-A-Thon spanning the fall semester of 2011. It is designed to ensure that one day, every child will have the opportunity to enjoy education in the same way that she has.

Starting today, Aug. 8, Claire will begin reading books to benefit students in Uganda. A Read-A-Thon means that Claire will be devouring as many books as possible throughout the semester. Like a traditional marathon, supporters will be asked to pledge a donation based on how far Claire can go – but this one will be measured in pages rather than miles. We love the idea, because it means that Claire will be furthering her own education while simultaneously providing her peers in Uganda with the opportunity to learn for themselves. We wish her the best of luck, and hope that you will join us in following her progress throughout the semester on her blog.

PS: Have any book recommendations for Claire? Leave them in a comment below & we’ll be sure to let her know!

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