If this is what 13 year-olds are up to, the future looks brighter.


Building Tomorrow is founded on the belief that young people are not only full of potential Torifor the future but highly capable of doing great things today. This summer, BTers of all ages have taken the initiative to step forward with their great fundraising ideas, and helped us have an extremely successful summer. We recently told you about Claire, a college student who launched a Read-A-Thon for our cause. In a blogpost about this endeavor, her Aunt expressed excitement that “If this is what 21 year-olds are up to, the future looks brighter.” And we couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. So today we’d like to share the story of a 13 year old named Tori who has been volunteering with BT for some time. She comes in several times a week to fill odd jobs and lend a hand in any way that she can.

On Saturday August 6, Tori saw the chance to take our OneBrick campaign to a whole new level. Taste of Downtown is a popular street festival in Indianapolis, hosted by Easley Winery. Being the bold young entrepreneur that she is, Tori asked permission from Easley Winery to set up a table at the event and sell bricks. While attendees of the fair tasted all sorts of food and drinks, they were also met with the opportunity to purchase our Building Tomorrow paper bricks.

Our paper bricks sell for a dollar, but symbolize the purchase of 10 real bricks for a school in Uganda. As a student, 100% of what Tori raises will go directly to those projects. In just one day, she was able to sell 132 bricks, which translated into 1,320 real ISSBs for a school. As such a young volunteer – hardly a year older than the children in Uganda that she is helping – Tori is working hard to provide education to her peers around the world. She is an inspiration to us all, and a reminder that you can make a difference, no matter your age.

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