Happy (belated) Birthday, Christine!


This 25 (now 26 year-old) donated her birthday to Building Tomorrow via One Day’s Wages “Birthday for a Cause” campaign. Every dollar she raised is matched by One Day’s Wages to help build a new school for 325 kids in Uganda. Check out why she did it, what she accomplished and how you can do the same:

Name: Christine Ro
Birthday: September 15th (All day)

Why I’m Doing This:

Help me celebrate my birthday by help raising money to build a school in Uganda. I’m turning 26 and there’s nothing better to do than party for good!

I know a lot of us are “poor”, students, both ,or trying to look for jobs. But I know you were saving up to buy me something awesome for my birthday. So this is my bday wish-list. Spend some money on me by donating that $ to help build a primary school in Uganda. I’ve had a heart for Uganda since undergrad when Invisible Children showed their documentary on child soldiering. And I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing folks out in Uganda a few years back and it is such an amazing place. It would mean a lot to me, if you could help build a school for children in Uganda.

  • If you a buy me a drink, it’ll cost you about $10 and I’ll have gained some weight from the calories.
  • If you buy me a gift card, it’ll cost you about $20+ and I’ll have to add that to my pile of unused giftcards from last year’s birthday (just kidding, i used all of them :)) and buy more things I don’t need.
  • If you donate any amount here, you’ll help build a primary school in Uganda.

Please help me reach my goal of $1,000!

Christine surpassed her goal, raising $1,257…enough to purchase more than 12,000 bricks, 50 bags of cement, 12 windows or 80 tin sheets for the roof of the future school in Uganda. Webale nnyo, Christine and Happy (belated) Birthday!

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