Here We Go!


Do you remember the day you realized, ‘wow, I’m a big kid now?’

That’s the feeling coming over us all right now in the Building Tomorrow office as we get set for a hectic, fun-filled six weeks. Between now and the end of October, we’ll gather some of our North Carolina chapters for a regional meeting, make stops at the Millennium Campus Conference, William & Mary and Furman College, visit to check on all of our active sites in Uganda, throw a five-year birthday party for ourselves and unveil a commitment for Building Tomorrow’s future at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting in New York City. Its borderline tiring just typing it all out…and we didn’t even mention what all of our chapters are up to.

Five years ago this all began with a promise. A promise that a group of college students would see to it that a school in dire need of repair would get rebuilt. Next week at CGI, Building Tomorrow will make yet another promise for the next five years. We look forward to sharing it with you and, most importantly, enlisting your support in making it a reality.

Check out our photos and the rest of our blog for a look at all you’ve helped us accomplish and stay tuned in the weeks ahead as we share loads of exciting news!

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