Run, Miles. Run!


Building Tomorrow is a big fan of athletic fundraisers. Aside from our national campaign, Bike to Uganda, where students attempt to bike the distance from their campus to Uganda, BT supporters have played football, volleyball, golf and socccer. They’ve walked and skipped, stood and sat and now, once again, they’re running.

A few years ago one of our supporters at Butler University pledged to run miles over the course of the semester to cap off her school’s fundraising efforts for Building Tomorrow. They reached their goal and just a couple of years later, the Building Tomorrow Academy of Kiyamba opened for class. Now Miles, a junior at North Park University, is running, too. Check it out and follow his progress:

miles runningI’m a junior at North Park University in Chicago, IL. I’m studying English with a concentration in creative writing. I’m originally from Richfield, MN and a life long Covenanter. I have an enormous passion for five things, which include; running, climbing, friends, folk music, and obviously coffee.

This fall (Saturday, October 15th), I’m going to be running the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon. This is going to be my third marathon and second marathon partnering with One Day’s Wages. It’s almost been a year since Eugene Cho came to my campus and talked about ODW and I’ve been on fire for their causes ever since. Nothing makes me more happy than to be able to do something that I love and have it go to such a great cause. People ask me frequently, “How/Why do you run marathons?” and my response is usually, “Because people won’t donate to my cause if my event is just drinking coffee and listening to Bob Dylan.

I’m running to raise money for ODW’s Building Tomorrow project. I think it’s so important that the children of Uganda have the ability to go to a school, where they can learn, socialize, and get a chance to better their futures. Every penny you give will do directly towards the construction of the school!

Now what I’m asking of you as friends and family is to not go out for coffee this week and donate to this cause. If you’re a person that needs a number, how about $26 ($1/a mile). If you can’t donate $26, don’t sweat it, anything would be deeply appreciated and for those that have some money burning a hole in their pocket, I’m totally cool with you donating more than $26. Thank you so much!

Good luck, Miles & thanks so much for your support!

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