We’re 5 Years Old.


A little more than five years ago, I set out to name a vision of engaging young people in the United States in the quest to provide universal access to education to children in rural sub-Saharan Africa. For a few weeks straight, I’d keep a pen and paper next to my nightstand, writing down words and phrases that came to mind. The following morning, I’d enter them in to a URL bar, type ‘.org’ at the end and see if anything came up.

buildingtomorrow.org, led nowhere.


BT-old-logoWith what many have described as a ‘Build-a-Bear-esque” looking logo, Building Tomorrow stormed on to three college campuses that fall. Outwardly, the vision was simple—students stateside would support the construction of schools in Uganda. Inwardly, well, there was nothing. A recent college grad working where his stockpile of Lego’s once stood, that was the closest I’d ever really come to building much of anything. How these schools were going to come about half a world away was really anyone’s guess…

Tonight, with the help of our Honorary Chairman Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 160 guests will join us in downtown Indianapolis as we celebrate Building Tomorrow turning five years old. The journey has been an incredible one—filled with countless moments of anxiety, excitement, challenge and camaraderie. In a few short months, Building Tomorrow will open the doors to our 10th academy in Uganda, providing classroom space for over 3,000 rural students. Behind those classrooms are thousands of stateside students, from elementary school all the way through college, who’ve embraced the notion that social change starts with them.

On behalf of the hardest-working team you’ll find anywhere, we say webale nyo, thank you very much, for carrying Building Tomorrow atop your shoulders and continuing to believe in the transformative power of education. We couldn’t be any more thrilled to celebrate this awesome occasion, knowing full well the incredible work that remains ahead of us.

Good thing we’re just getting started.


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