Got an email this week that made our day. Seriously. Here’s the gist:

It was from Empower African Children, an organization providing scholarships to Uganda’s top secondary schools for students who (typically) excel in the arts. Scholarships are funded through their Spirit of Uganda professional training & touring program across North America, starring the scholarship students themselves.

They were writing to tell us that they would be awarding Patrick Ssengendo, a Building Tomorrow Academy of Lutisi student, with one of their scholarships. In addition to making the highest grade on his Primary Leaving Exam (PLE), having never before used a computer in his life, Patrick exceeded all expectations by posting the highest score on a computerized ability test. They are excited (us, too) to see how Patrick performs in a more stable and rigorous environment and, after having the chance to meet his step-mother, credit much of his success to her unwavering support.

Things to know about Patrick & his family:

  • Patrick’s step-mother helped construct Lutisi and continues to serve on the school’s community organizing committee.
  • Patrick has attended Lutisi since it first opened three years ago.
  • Patrick’s PLE score put him in the top 9 percent of all students in Uganda.
  • Top scores are typically only made by students in urban and private schools.

We can’t wait to meet Patrick the next time we’re in Uganda…or the first time he comes to the states. Thanks for making it possible.

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