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Many of you may be wondering who these children are that attend the Building Tomorrow Academies. Well you’re gonna find out! Our employee Maggie sat down with a group of students who attended BT’s Academy of Lutisi to catch up and see how they are doing now. So this summer we have decided to put together a 10 week series that will highlight one former BT student weekly.

To start off our series we have Alex. His journey as a BT student began when he entered Primary 5 (similar to the 5th grade level in the U.S.). Alex attended the BT Academy of Lutisi for two years. The now spunky 14-year-old has continued his education in Uganda at a secondary school called St. Johns. Alex is not only focused on his studies as a Senior 1 student, but has dreams for his future. This bright young man wants to take the skills he has acquired through his schooling to become an engineer. When asked why he wanted to be an engineer Alex responded, “Because I want to build more big buildings in Uganda and schools.”

Not only did Alex express his future desires to build as a career, but he wanted to give current students at the BT Academy of Lutisi some advice to do well. We leave you with a video to see Alex’s radiant smile and eyes full of excitement, which hopefully puts a smile on your face as it has ours.

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