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1862 – Abbe Giovanna Caselli becomes the first person to transmit a still image over wires
1900 – Constantin Perskyi used the word “television” for the first time at the World’s Fair in Paris.
1924 – John Baird transmits the first moving silhouette images on a mechanical system.
1946 – Peter Goldmark introduces the first color television system.
1956 – The Zenith Space Commander was the first remote control invented by Robert Adler.

All these inventions helped to make the thing many of us spend countless hours in front of, the television. Unlike some other inventions, T.V. was not single handedly made by one person or one creation. It took the collaboration of Caselli, Perskyi, Baird, Goldmark, Adler and many other people to make the T.V. what it is today. They built on each other’s ideas and used their individual skills to produce something even more amazing.

This is exactly how Agnes was able to receive an education. Her community, donors, BT and many others came together to create something wonderful; a school. Lutisi is Agnes’ home and where she joined BT as a P7 student. The now 16-year-old is in Senior 2 and favors math and computer studies. Her true passion lies in the broadcasting world. She wants to be a T.V. presenter.

Without the minds of all the inventors of the T.V. Agnes wouldn’t have this dream. It’s through innovation and collaboration that a person’s life could be changed. Due to education, Agnes can now use her lessons to become the T.V. presenter she wants to be.

There’s a little inventor in all of us. Find it and create. You never know who you might affect.

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