Meet Ritah


Sometimes when the word education is used, things like books, homework, lessons and exams are what come to mind. It’s so much more than that. Yes, the lessons and books matter. They matter a lot, but the people you meet at school matter, too. Friends, teachers, coaches and many others all made an impact on your education.

This is what’s important to Ritah, the people. Ritah went to the Building Tomorrow Academy of Lutisi where she met friends and teachers. She’s now a Senior 2 student at a secondary school in Uganda. As Ritah continues to make new friends, her new teachers are making sure every student is getting the most from their lessons.

“Some teachers are good because when you don’t understand you have a chance to ask what you have not understood,” said Ritah. Through her schooling, Ritah has discovered her best subjects are chemistry and biology. Her talents in the science department give her dreams of becoming a nurse.

While Ritah continues her education, she will also continue to meet new people. Both homework and her biology teacher will give her the tools to be successful in the future, just as your favorite teacher did for you.


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