Meet Allen


Last but certainly not least, we bring to you the final student in our “10 People You Need to Know” series. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know some of Building Tomorrow’s graduates this summer!

After finishing her studies at the Building Tomorrow Academy of Lutisi, Allen now attends a secondary school. The 16-year-old is a Senior 2 student who likes to focus on her school work. “I am willing to perform well in all classes,” she says. With Allen’s hopes to become a nurse one day, she knows how important it is to work hard in school.

As Allen climbs toward success in her education, she gives the current BT Academy of Lutisi students some advice. “I advise the students of Building Tomorrow to revise their books so they can pass well and to respect their teachers,” she said.

With a success driven attitude, Allen seems to be on the right track for a successful future. Allen shows her care for other students to do well in school ending her advice to the BT Academy of Lutisi students with a wish. “I wish them success,” said Allen. What a wonderful wish.

We wish Allen and all our Building Tomorrow students and graduates success!


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