Meet Justine


“I want to be a nurse,” said Justine.

Think of the nurses you know, friends, family members, or the lady who recently gave you a shot. These men and women usually have something in common.


When Justine said she wanted to be a nurse, it seemed to fit. Her constant smile and caring demeanor are qualities all nurses appear to be born with. Justine’s personality isn’t the only thing that makes it easy to picture her in a hospital one day. Her love and talent in the subject of science simply completes the picture.

The former Building Tomorrow student attended the BT Academy of Lutisi and is now a senior 2 student at a secondary school. Justine’s favorite memory of her primary school are the teachers.

Justine will meet many new teachers as she finishes her secondary schooling and goes on to chase her dream of becoming a nurse. Like the nurses you may know, Justine naturally has that positive attitude that makes you wonder how they do what they do. It’s a hidden talent only people like Justine know the answer to.


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