Meet Medie


With the Olympics in full spring, it only seems appropriate to introduce Medie. When it comes to this sporting event, everyone tunes in. It’s not only the diehard fans glued to their TVs, it’s the world. We all pick our favorite events to watch and attempt to schedule our days, so we can catch a glimpse of the swimming race, soccer match or gymnastic meet.


Medie’s favorite Olympic event would be soccer. As he talks about what he wants to do later in life he says, “I want to play soccer.” It’s how Medie lights up when he mentions “football.” The young boy’s passion is written all over his face. He can’t contain his smile. It’s infectious.

Medie radiates pure happiness when it comes to soccer, but he also shows commitment to his education. He switches from cheery and giggly to serious and focused when discussing school.

The Building Tomorrow Academy graduate is now 16 years old and studying at a secondary school. “I like my school because it helps me to improve on my application,” said Medie. “And I wish to perform well.”

Medie shows passion, focus and determination, just as the Olympians we are watching on TV do. His commitment to his education and dreams is the commitment we watch for in the Olympics. Medie may not be an Olympic athlete going for the gold, but he sure has the same drive to achieve his goals.


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