Day 13 of my road trip!


Today is one day before the 2 week mark of this crazy road trip. I’ve driven over 1600 miles, through 5 states, visiting 8 colleges and universities so far. And it has been awesome!

My favorite part about talking with students has been bringing awareness to the global education crisis and showing college students what they can do to make an impact. I’ve heard students actually say “I can’t believe my education cost $55,993.” And the pictures of “before schools” in our partner communities have turned out to be pretty shocking to students, too…almost unbelievable to think that anyone could actually learn in such an environment.

Most importantly, students have learned that they can make a difference.

$1 buys 10 bricks. 10 real bricks that could help build a school. For our students at Samford, they made a bold commitment to “Build a Classroom by Christmas” and try to raise just $2.08 from every student at Samford University before the end of the semester.

Overall, the past 13 days of my road trip have simply been crazy, not to mention this announcement. But I am even more excited to see what the rest of this trip holds and the continued reactions from students that I’ve spoken to at Rhodes College, University of Memphis, Samford University, University of Alabama, Auburn University, University of Alabama-Birmingham, and Georgia Tech.

I’m heading off to the University of Georgia this morning and then on to meet with our chapter at Mercer University.

For Fun…

The weirdest things I’ve seen on the road so far:

1. A man on the side of the road selling, according to his sign “KNIVES” which I’m assuming were pocket knives.

2. A car with eye lashes on its headlights.

3. Drove through a town and across a river named Tallapoosa. Had never heard of a word like that before.


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