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“If you want the true American college experience you should become part of a student organization”.

This is what our friend told us when we just arrived at UNC as exchange students from Denmark. We went to a few info sessions, but none of them truly caught our attention – until we came across UNC Building Tomorrow. At the info session, we were instantly inspired not only by Building Tomorrow’s mission, but also by how enthusiastic everyone in the chapter was and how passionate they all were about what they were doing; building a future for children in Uganda.

Kirsten and I became part of the student organization at UNC, and throughout the past semester we have participated in meetings, fundraising events, and most importantly the organization and execution of Bike To Uganda. Everyone was working hard and really wanted to make a difference. Despite only staying at UNC for one semester, Kirsten and I also wanted to contribute as much as possible. We managed to get a timeslot for Bike to Uganda for 12 people from our exchange program, and we got even more people to sign up for other timeslots of the event. We were so excited to see our friends come and support the initiative!

At the end of Bike to Uganda, the chapter president sent us an email revealing the final amount we collectively managed to raise. I remember that reading it gave me an incredible vibe; it really felt as if I contributed to a brighter future for the children in Africa. It was a feeling I wanted to experience again.

One day, Kirsten and I were wondering why no one had taken a similar initiative as Bike to Uganda in Denmark, a country where everyone loves to bike. Hence, we started thinking about launching the idea at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), creating the first European chapter of Building Tomorrow. Through mutual assistance from Building Tomorrow’s leader in the US and CBS’ Student Organisation, we are working towards successfully launching CBS Building Tomorrow in Denmark. Both Kirsten and I are extremely excited to bring this inspiring and rewarding experience to our fellow students at CBS.

Nicolò Z. Nielsen

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