Finding Another Way


Each day walking to the site included a stop at the house of Godfrey, a member of the Bugabo community. Godfrey is an awesome guy and has been extremely committed to the school. Until recently, he had been very active in the construction of the school. Due to an accident with his motorbike Godfrey can no longer help build the school, but has continued to be a crucial member of the BT team by providing safe storage space for BT to put tools, materials, and even the future windows and doors for the Academy.

Our team in Bugabo is very grateful to Godfrey and this contribution, as it allows the staff to leave needed materials and tools and know that they are safe and kept in a dry place. Through his dedication, along with the countless other supporters in the community, this Academy is becoming a reality. From donating land to giving their time to providing storage space, it is through these contributions that the community has shown they truly are dedicated to building a brighter future for their children.

Godfrey’s daughter, Catherine, will attend the BT Academy of Bugabo when it opens.

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