Introducing the Building Tomorrow Fellowship


In a few months, Building Tomorrow will open the doors on its 18th Academy in Uganda, signaling the completion of learning space for 6,300 students. And while we’re excited about opening the doors to an education for thousands of children, we’re not stopping there.

Starting in 2014, we’ll be launching the Building Tomorrow Fellowship, a two-year program enlisting collegiate graduates from Uganda in the quest to improve the quality of learning inside rural schools throughout the country. Selected fellows will work closely with teachers to improve the delivery of interactive and innovative lesson plans, strengthen the leadership capabilities of head teachers, and educate school management committees on the roles and responsibilities of governing their respective Building Tomorrow Academy.

The Fellows program will headline a host of efforts on the part of Building Tomorrow to significantly enhance the quality of education delivery at our academies and beyond. Working with partners such as the VarkeyGEMS Foundation and many others, Building Tomorrow aims to complement its work in providing access to a safe, permanent school structure with that of providing a high-quality, life-altering education in the classroom.

We are invigorated by the challenge that lies ahead and are looking for talented individuals to join our Building Tomorrow Fellowship team. More information about our Fellowship team openings can be found here.

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