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And this holiday season, we’ll be highlighting new projects, supporters and exciting developments to our model from the past year. All of which you (yes, you) make possible. Reading our updates, sharing our story, and giving The Best Gift. Ever. go a long way towards catalyzing real change and providing incredible opportunity for our partner communities in Uganda.

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We partnered with the Varkey GEMS Foundation to provide training and resources for our teachers in Uganda.

In September, two head teachers from Building Tomorrow academies and one of our staff members – Jennifer Bunkwaitse (Lutisi), Isaac (Sentigi), and Willy Kajubbi (BT staff), respectively – were selected to participate in a week-long workshop hosted by the Varkey GEMS Foundation.

Varkey GEMS Foundation staff meet with Building Tomorrow teachersThe Varkey GEMS Foundation has designed a low-cost teacher training programme that will address the issue of teacher quality in developing countries.

The 5-day face-to-face course, aimed at school principals and senior management team members, will focus on the skills required to improve pedagogy within the school and will include an embedded “train-the-trainer” course so that principals can cascade their learning and deliver the content to teachers at their schools.

Once the training is completed, Varkey GEMS Foundation trainers will travel to each school to provide coaching and support to the principal in embedding the programme, thus improving practices within the school and providing quality assurance.

As planned, following their training, the group has been working alongside Varkey GEMS support staff to develop a model and program whereby they can share what they learned with every Building Tomorrow academy teacher.

Their cascaded training program is scheduled to begin this week.

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