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Welcome back, Kate!   | Jun, 2014   

Kate just finished her Masters of Public Affairs down at Indiana University last month and we’re thrilled to welcome her back to the team, for good this time!

You may remember Kate as our Fundraising Intern (extraordinaire) from last summer. She was the brains behind our first-ever Indy Burger Battle and just about solely responsible for pulling it off! (PS – If you’ve yet marked your calendar, this year’s battle takes place Saturday, August 2nd at the Rathskellar once again).

At any rate, she’s back full-time and will be taking the lead with expanding our network of young people across the US. And since school’s out for most, she’ll be spending a lot of time the next two months keeping you all up-to-date with what your efforts throughout the year are making possible in Uganda!

We’re hiring in Uganda!   | Jun 2014     

Over the past year, BT has devoted significant time, energy and resources towards streamlining and scaling our construction efforts in Uganda. Our Engineer in Residence has overseen this process to-date; aided by our “BT Blueprint“ – a literal “how-to” guide for our work in Uganda.

Apply to be our next Engineer in Residence: details online!

Under Construction   | Jun, 2014     

As always, visit our website & Flickr for weekly construction updates. Latest news below!

BT Primary School of Mayira
Volunteers and masons are working on clearing, digging and laying the foundation of both classroom blocks and expect it to be ready for the next phase (backfilling and compacting the soil in preparation for laying the concrete slab for the floor) this week!
BT Primary School of Kibimba
Despite facing challenges with access to potable water for construction (the water on-site has been deemed too salty for mixing with cement); the community has worked out a solution in the form of a true public-private partnership: with the first delivery of water was brought on the back of a water tank vehicle…courtesy of the Uganda police!
BT Primary School of Binikira
Despite being slightly behind schedule due to strong winds and a need to add a handful of structural reinforcements, work is wrapping up on Binikira with plastering nearly complete on the inside of both classroom blocks.
BT Primary School of Kamusenene
All major construction should be done this week! Volunteers are hard at work cleaning up the compound and planting trees.
BT Primary School of Butiti
The ring beam is complete and the doors and windows for the first classroom block were delivered last week. Roofing on the first block should begin this week!

What to get dad?! Here’s an idea.   | Jun 2014     

Father’s day is right around the corner and what’s a better way to honor your personal handy-man than by buying him some bricks. Bricks make up the foundation of many things, but for Building Tomorrow, bricks create schools and in turn access to quality education for kids in East Africa. A gift of just $50 buys 500 bricks for a school in Uganda; make a gift of any denomination. If this isn’t money well spent, what is?

Chicago Happy Hour   | Jun 19 2014   

Join George Srour, Founder + Chief Dreamer of Building Tomorrow, for an informal happy hour, and a chance to visit with BT friends, old and new, in Chicago. RSVP to Katie at

BT Chicago Happy Hour
Thursday, June 19
6 to 8 pm
Sheffields Beer & Wine Garden (3258 N. Sheffield)

A little goes a long way…   | Jun 2014   

Second-grade students at Northwest Elementary School in Huntington, Indiana are learning how a fun task such as making loom bracelets and rings can change the lives of kids just like them in East Africa. Teacher Mariann Hackler learned about Building Tomorrow through her daughter Brigitte who was involved with the chapter at Indiana University Bloomington. As Mrs. Hackler said, “It’s not just about doing a lot, but just a little bit can have a positive influence.”

The classroom raised more than $500 through their efforts (That’s 5,000 bricks!). Thank you to Mrs. Hackler and her students!

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