Announcing School #23!


Thanks to the friends & family of Kathy Ellis-Inman and, now, the community of Angerepo, Uganda – construction is scheduled to begin on our 23rd primary school! Follow its progress here!

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BT Primary School of Angerepo
Friends & Family of Kathy Ellis-Inman
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Katakwi District, Uganda
August 14, 2014

The community in and around Angerepo village, in Katakwi District – located in northeastern Uganda’s Teso region – has faced a unique set of challenges. For years, community members have been forced to live in camps away from their homes as, according to the district leadership, cattle thieves have continuously invaded villages in their area, stealing cattle and killing many that chose to resist.

After the Government’s intervention and forceful disarmament of the thieves, communities have started to return to their original home lands, hoping to resettle and redevelop the area. Currently, no formal primary schools are in existence in the region surrounding Angerepo. In the interim, communities have erected temporary structures in some areas with many children simply gathering under nearby trees for informal lessons.

In Angerepo village specifically, the community has built a grass-thatched temporary structure where they hold classes for P1 to P3. Parents are contributing support for three teachers and, despite being unqualified, 210 students are currently enrolled.

One of the clan leaders known as Ilemukorit Steven Okur has donated five acres of land for the school. Community members themselves have agreed to volunteer 15,000 hours of self-labor and make regular financial contributions to ensure the school can sustain itself in the long-term. And the local government has committed text books, furniture and qualified teachers.

Six villages in the area are contributing to and will benefit from the future school: Angerepo A, Angerepo B, Okulonyo, Alengo, Orukurukun and Opian.

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