Announcing School #24!


Thanks to the BT Chapter at UNC-Chapel Hill and, now, the community of Guyaguya, Uganda – construction is scheduled to begin on our 24th primary school! Follow its progress here!

UNC’s first BT primary school opened in May 2013!

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BT Primary School of Guyaguya
UNC-Chapel Hill
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Katakwi District, Uganda
Oct 16, 2014

Guyaguya is BT’s third community partner in Katakwi District in Uganda’s northeastern region. The community of Guyaguya has faced challenges similar to those in Angerepo. Families are still resettling after their recent return from the internally displaced camps for the last 20 years. As a result, there is a significant need for development of the area, especially new schools. Thanks to the Turkish government, a bore hole was recently installed approximately 1km from the site of the future BT school. Water is available to the community for domestic use and will also be available for construction.

Guyaguya village itself is surrounded by 5 neighboring villages that will be served by the future primary school: Akaboi, Amaratoit, Osemwa, Aiti, and Osiomit. All in all, there are currently at least 295 primary-school-age students out of school in the area. The nearest primary schools are at least a 4km walk for students. Near the site of the future school, parents have erected a temporary structure where informal classes are held. Enrollment at this “school” is 160 students and parents have even been contributing 17,500UGX each term to pay for teachers.

Two brothers from the community – Mr. Oyuu Vincent and Mr. Okwaro John – have generously donated four acres of land for the school. As in all of BT’s community partners, families and friends of future students have agreed to volunteer 15,000 hours of self-labor and make regular financial contributions to ensure the school can sustain itself in the long-term. The local district government has committed text books, furniture and qualified teachers.

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To learn more about Building Tomorrow’s needs assessment process and community construction model, see “Building Tomorrow: from Access to Learning

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