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Chess Kings & Queens in Kiboga

October 31, 2019

By Building Tomorrow Fellow Gladys Bahimbisomwe Chess is a game with different pieces—king, queen, pawn, castle, knight, bishop—that are strategically…

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First Metz Grant Recipients Announced

August 20, 2007

(view original article online at http://bit.ly/44iXOi) Source: Indiana University Foundation Release Date: 08/20/2007 “We really have an awesome thing going…

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To Uganda, without moving an inch

April 10, 2007

(view original article online at http://bit.ly/su0lv) By: Carrie Wellman Source: C-VILLE April 10, 2007 Building Tomorrow hosts a “stationary” event…

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Building Tomorrow Races to Uganda

April 6, 2007

(view original article online at http://bit.ly/11Mje7) By: Tiffany Bryant, DSJ Staff Report Source: DoG Street Journal April 6, 2007 It’s…

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Students help build a brighter tomorrow

April 5, 2007

(view original article online at http://bit.ly/Q2Svb) BY ONLINE EDITOR Source: uwrfvoice.com Published April 05, 2007 In January, students Katy Leisch,…

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Good Cause

March 28, 2007

(view original article online at http://bit.ly/2DzcLn) By: Amber Davis (English, Government ’07) Source: A&S Online March 28, 2007 Members of…

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