thriving schools + fellows program

Building Tomorrow’s Thriving Schools Program is a community-centered initiative led by Building Tomorrow Fellows and teams of Community Education Volunteers aimed at providing primary-age students with access to an inclusive, quality education.

the challenge

Over 700,000 primary school-age children in Uganda are not enrolled in school, and even among those who do enroll, only 21% will complete a full cycle of primary education. Still others will make it through primary school without learning the basics—only 15% of rural third grade students are able to read, write, or do basic math at a second grade level.

We’re working to address the challenges of both school access and quality through our Thriving Schools Program.

the program

In 2015, Building Tomorrow launched the Fellows Program. Through this program, Fellows focused on building the capacity of school leadership, introducing teachers to child-centered pedagogy, and galvanizing community support to create thriving schools.

After significant growth and refining, the Building Tomorrow Fellows Program has developed into the Thriving Schools Program, which builds on the success of Fellows by leveraging their most critical allies—Community Education Volunteers (CEVs)—and further involving them in elevating the provision of quality education. Throughout their two-year term, Fellows support four rural schools and their communities, forming teams of CEVs who serve as champions of education long after Fellows’ placement ends.

Currently, there are 80 Building Tomorrow Fellows in the field, working with teams of CEVs to support 320 schools.

apply to be a fellow

The application for the Building Tomorrow Fellowship Program’s Fifth Class is now closed. For those who applied, we will review all applications over the next several weeks and expect to notify applicants of the status of their application (successful or not) by the close of October 2018. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at

The next opportunity to apply to become a Fellow will be in October 2019.

the thriving schools program will address the following:
Literacy &
Numeracy Skills
Building the
Capacity of
Head Teachers
Gender & Disability
Inclusive Education
impact to date
400 schools supported
15,000+ out-of-school children enrolled
57,000+ children impacted by Fellows