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how it works.

Looking for a way to get more people involved in Building Tomorrow? Here’s the perfect event for you! Sit for Good isn’t your typical fundraiser. It’s an all-inclusive service learning opportunity for elementary, middle and high school students and a perfect fit for your BT chapter/college/university!

The idea is quite simple, really. You, your BT chapter and your friends team up with local schools in your area to teach younger students that knowledge is power by taking a seat for students in Uganda. You will be asking teachers and classrooms this: to give up their desks and other classroom luxuries for a day (extra pens, pencils, desks, books, electronics, etc.) and sit on the floor to raise awareness about the need for some of the most basic, yet absolutely necessary, learning tools in classrooms around the world.

We’ve compiled everything you and “your” students need to Sit for Good including the following resources approved for teachers by teachers: lesson plans (with national standards!), classroom activities, discussion topics, fundraising tools and ideas, marketing materials, and more!


Our national goal – 1,000 classrooms & $45,000. Every dollar counts.

$1 buys nine clay bricks, $2.50 buys a box of nails, $10 buys a 10ft length of gutter, $20 buys a desk for a BT student… In short, what you raise will go directly towards providing learning space for current and future students at BT academies in Uganda, giving many their first opportunity to learn inside of a classroom. Ever. Pretty cool, huh?

before you ask.

Yes, we are aware that sitting on the floor for one day doesn’t come close to experiencing the realities that millions of students in developing nations face each day. But – it’s a start. We think it’s important to take action in any way, shape, or form that you can. As students in the states, you have access to incredible educational opportunities and we simply ask that you make the best of them.

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