Every dollar can make a difference.

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Need some fundraising ideas?

Donate your birthday

Instead of presents, ask for donations to your campaign.

Run Today, Build Tomorrow

A BT classic: Organize a 5K fun run or have friends and family sponsor miles for a personal race. Complete with a BT running shirt!

Register at Building Tomorrow

Add your campaign to your wedding registry in place of gifts.

Eat and Drink for Good

Organize a bar crawl with friends or partner with a local restaurant for a dine & donate night.

Classroom Partnership

We love when elementary school classes want to help their peers in Uganda! Put on a class bake sale, sell crafts, or Bike-to-Uganda.

$1.81. That’s the amount Building Tomorrow Founder & Chief Dreamer George Srour asked fellow students at William & Mary to contribute towards the construction of our first school. Dozens of schools and hundreds of thousands of students later, we still believe that any amount can spark change.

Potential Fundraising Goals

A group of 5 boys laugh at each other

Amount: $250

Enroll 5 Out-of-School Children

A group of 3 Fellows pose on their motorcycle

Amount: $1,000

Motorcycle and Safety Gear for a Fellow to travel to their schools

Students stand at attention at their desks

Amount: $7,000

Build a Classroom

A Fellow laughs with an out-of-school child she brought back to school

Amount: $11,000

Fund a Fellow for 1 year

One block of a Building Tomorrow Primary School

Amount: $35,000

Build 1 Building Tomorrow Primary School block

Overhead view of a full Building Tomorrow Primary School compound and the vast hills in the distance

Amount: $75,000

Build an entire Building Tomorrow Primary School

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