We are students at the BT Academy of Lutisi.

We are Building Tomorrow by attending P5 (US equivalent of 5th grade) classes at the Building Tomorrow Academy of Lutisi, BT's first in the Wakiso District.

We are Kappa Kappa Gammas at UT-Austin.

We are one of 25 colleges Building Tomorrow by raising $45,000 to build a primary-level academy for 325 students in Uganda. We raised over $25,000 last spring through restaurant nights, powderpuff football games and online fundraising!

I am a teacher in the US.

I'm Building Tomorrow by Sitting for Good with my classes and teaching them about the power of an education and what they can do to provide their peers with the same opportunities afforded to them.

I am a member of Key Club International.

I'm Building Tomorrow by planning events and raising money to support BT academies. In May 2008 Key Club opened their first BT academy in Uganda, the BT Academy of Lutisi. We are looking forward to a second!

I am Desmond Tutu.

I'm Building Tomorrow by serving as the Honorary Chairman of Building Tomorrow's Board of Directors. I believe that education is the key to unlocking the door that will eradicate poverty and that young people have the power to make it happen.

I am a high school student.

I'm Building Tomorrow by planning events, such as Sit for Good, at my school to raise awareness about the lack of educational opportunities around the world and raise money to provide learning space for current & future BT students.

My name is Gertrude Nanugga.

I'm Building Tomorrow by serving on the local governing board in my community and overseeing the process of construction on the BT academy in my village in Gita, Uganda. My grandchildren will attend the BT Academy of Gita in the spring of 2010.

I am the government of Uganda

I'm Building Tomorrow by staffing all BT academies, funding teachers and providing long-term operating support under a Memorandum of Understanding with BT.

I am a BT volunteer.

I'm Building Tomorrow by volunteering at BT events, helping BT staff with day-to-day needs in the office and spreading the word about Building Tomorrow!

We are Architecture for Humanity.

We're Building Tomorrow by connecting BT with architects and designers around the world in hopes of obtaining a new design for the next generation of BT academies.

I am friends with BT staff & supporters.

I'm Building Tomorrow by helping to spread the word about what BT is up to and helping out/volunteering whenever and wherever I can.

I am a young professional in Indy.

I'm Building Tomorrow by serving on BT's Social Investment Council, volunteering my time and skills wherever I can and working to raise $1,250 per year by planning events such as BT's Ugly Sweater Party!

I am one of BT's donors.

I'm Building Tomorrow by attending BT events such as their annual "Build a School Night" fundraiser and by making an annual donation to support their work.

I work for BT in Uganda.

I'm Building Tomorrow by (among many other things!) meeting with communities to gauge their interest in BT, overseeing the construction of BT's academies and training future teachers at our academies.

I am an intern at BT's offices in Indianapolis.

I'm Building Tomorrow by helping to recruit supporters, start chapters, plan events, and develop new fundraising and outreach campaigns-just to name a few!

I am on BT's Board of Directors.

I'm Building Tomorrow by helping BT as a national organization set goals, stay on track, seek out new opportunities and continue to grow year after year.

I am a teacher at one of BT's academies in Uganda.

I'm Building Tomorrow by teaching the next generation of leaders in Uganda.

I work for BT in the USA.

I'm Building Tomorrow by providing resources for students and supporters, developing campaigns, partnering with organizations and growing BT's presence around the US.

My name is George.

I'm Building Tomorrow by providing my four younger sisters with the chance to go to school by helping to construct the BT Academy of Kiyamba. The Academy opened for classes last summer!