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the bt academy of gita

Meet Gertrude

name gertrude nanugga age 55 school the bt academy of gita location gita, uganda

about gertrude

Gertrude has lived in Gita, Uganda her whole life. She has seven children and eight grandchildren. While she only went to school through P3, she is proud to say that her children have been able to continue their education far beyond hers. Her oldest son attended university and her youngest son, Latibu, completed S4 (11th grade) in fall 2008.

All of Gertrude’s grandchildren are in primary school; and, during the school year, all of them live with her. Although she says she receives some help from her children, Gertrude works as a farmer when she can to support her family. And, in her free time, she is building them a school.

Gertrude is a very important person in Gita. In addition to her position as the Secretary of Information for the local governing committee, she is one of five community members overseeing construction of the future BT Academy of Gita. Gertrude works at the site four days each week and makes sure other women from the community help, too.

her grandchildrens’ school the bt academy of gita

The BT Academy of Gita is the first-ever permanent public school structure to serve seven villages and approximately 325 children in and around Gita, Uganda.

Financially backed by the student chapter of BT at UVA, the 2800 square foot building was designed by 15 senior-level UVA architecture students through studio reCOVER and five UVA engineering students through the Engineering in Context Capstone Design Program. The construction of the BT Academy of Gita marks the first time in BT’s history that a cross-discipline team from the same campus provided both the funds and construction design for a new project.

The groundbreaking marked another important landmark for BT-a formal endorsement from the Vice President of Uganda, Prof. Gilbert B. Bukenya. The day before construction began, Bukenya offered the assistance of the Vice President’s office in continuing to strengthen the work of BT throughout Uganda, stating, “I am happy to be a BT ally-we must support this in every way possible.”