60 Seconds to Inclusion

Building Tomorrow strives to ensure all children access an inclusive, transformative education. 60 Seconds to Inclusion is a video series produced by Building Tomorrow to introduce head teachers and teachers in primary schools to techniques for creating more inclusive environments for students within their schools and classrooms.

The full series of introductory tips can be viewed below.


Getting Started & Tip #1

Learn more about 60 Seconds to Inclusion and the purpose behind the video series.

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Partner Reading

Tip #2

Allowing students to practice reading with a partner can help them learn from each other and gain confidence in their reading and comprehension skills.

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Fixes for Fidgeting

Tip #3

Fidgeting is something that needs to be investigated, and there are several techniques that can be used to engage and retain students' attention to reduce fidgeting.

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Group Learning

Tip #4

Group learning helps students understand what a role is and how to operate within that role so everybody has a chance to participate in learning.

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Finding Your Message

Tip #5

The reality is that some children don't think they can learn, and it is our duty to send messages that they DO have the ability to learn.

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Classroom Design and Architecture

Tip #6

Rearranging the classroom setting is a great way to give teachers more access to students and students more opportunities to build relationships with each other.

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Maximizing Materials

Tip #7

There are abundant resources available to use as learning materials, many of which don't cost anything to collect and use.

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Social Learning

Tip #8

When students are given opportunities to work with one another, deeper learning happens.

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Transitioning and Focusing through Song

Tip #9

Singing songs is a great way to start a lesson and keep learners engaged throughout the lesson.

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How to Be a Good Classroom Helper

Tip #10

When helping out in a classroom, the goal is to be helpful. Understanding the teacher's needs and practicing patience will set you on the right track.

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