Roots to Rise

Literacy and numeracy for all children.

Foundational learning in literacy and numeracy.

Roots to Rise is a foundational learning initiative that groups learners according to their level of understanding and teaches basic literacy and numeracy skills through games and activities. Based on the Teaching at the Right Level approach (pioneered and rigorously evaluated by Indian NGO Pratham), Roots to Rise unites school and community actors in pursuit of better learning outcomes for children.

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Meeting learners at their level.

Due to overcrowded Ugandan classrooms where teachers manage a wide range of ages and abilities, struggling students are consistently left behind as teachers attempt to address the variety of learning levels within their cramped classrooms. Roots to Rise addresses this issue by allowing students to learn in small, differentiated ability groups with instruction tailored to their needs.

The Roots to Rise Approach




Delivering Roots to Rise where it's most needed.

Our Roots to Rise lessons take place in classrooms across Uganda. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our programming to provide literacy and numeracy support to learners while schools remained closed. We launched two new versions of Roots to Rise that reached learners where they were: at home and in their communities.

Learn more about our in-person and virtual forms of Roots to Rise by clicking on the photos above.

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