Camp Tomorrow

May 3—May 17, 2021

This summer, we're preparing learners to return to school through fun, interactive community summer camps!

#CampWithUs by helping us raise $100,000 May 3–17 to send the first 7,000 learners to Camp Tomorrow!

Camp Tomorrow is a hands-on, interactive summer camp that will teach some 23,000 learners fun math and reading lessons in small groups through our proven, evidence-based Roots to Rise curriculum. Camps will take place all summer and be led by our dynamic community change-makers: the Building Tomorrow Fellows and the Community Education Volunteers (CEVs) they mentor!

How it works

1. Our fellows and CEVs coordinate learning camps in some of the most remote areas of the country

2. They assess the literacy and numeracy skills of each camper, breaking them into ability groups

3. Each ability group receives fun, interactive lessons tailored to their individual needs and abilities, allowing them to better grasp foundational math and reading concepts

4. After 30 hours of camp, campers will have improved their literacy and numeracy skills and developed the confidence to return to the classroom!

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899 of 7,000 learners have already been sent to camp through your support!

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