Construction Begins for Building Tomorrow Academy of Gita


GITA, UGANDA—To the beat of native drums, Building Tomorrow (BT) and the village community of Gita, Uganda celebrated the groundbreaking of the BT Academy of Gita, supported by the University of Virginia (UVA), which will provide the first-ever permanent public school structure within a 15 km radius for approximately 325 children by mid-2009.

Financially backed by the student chapter of BT at UVA, the 2800 square foot building was designed by 15 senior-level UVA architecture students through studio reCOVER. The construction of the BT Academy of Gita, supported by UVA marks the first time in BT’s history that a cross-discipline team from the same campus provides the funds and construction design for a new project.

“We have come to this place to partner with you,” BT Country Director Joseph Kalisa said to scores of community members gathered onsite. “And now we look to you to provide the hands and feet needed to make this new place of learning a reality.”

Among those who took part in the day’s ceremony included the Local Chairman, BT Uganda’s Country Director and Executive Director, and studio reCOVER member and 2008 UVA graduate Anna Bushkar.

Consistent with BT’s cost-sharing model, members of the Gita community will provide over 25,000 hours of donated labor to build the new academy, located approximately 30km from the Kampala city centre.

Today, BT provides classroom space for over 1,000 children and will more than double that by the end of 2009 with the construction and opening of at least four new BT Academies. For more information about the work of Building Tomorrow, please visit

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