90 Percent.


For four years we have shared with you some pretty exciting stories—new Building Tomorrow Academies getting built, students raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in classrooms and on campus and dignitaries such as Archbishop Tutu supporting our vision.

Today, we have some darn awesome news, and its unlike any we’ve shared with you before.

In November 2010, 19 students at the Building Tomorrow Academy of Lutisi sat for their Primary Leaving Examination (PLE). The exam is administered nationwide and might be similar to one you took in elementary school covering subjects such as math and science. Performance on the exam dictates a student’s ability to continue their studies into secondary school.

Days ago, we were informed that 17 of those students, about 90%, passed. The pass rate, the 4th highest in the district amongst peer schools is remarkable for a rural, two-year-old school.

It should come as no surprise that our in-country staff, while excited about this early success, was quick to say they’re looking forward to the day that pass rate hits 100%. So are we. In the mean time, with your help, we at Building Tomorrow will continue to do all we can to give students at our seven Academies (and counting!) the thrill of receiving good news when test results come their way.

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