In honor of International Women’s Day…


Four years ago when our Building Tomorrow country director arrived for his first meeting in a tiny village called Lutisi, he was greeted by a team of eager women. They had heard of Building Tomorrow’s pledge to construct a school in their community in exchange for 20,000 hours of labor. They were ready to roll.

While community dynamics vary from one Building Tomorrow site to the next, the commitment, dedication and will of mothers, grandmothers, aunts and even sisters to the Building Tomorrow model is truly awe-inspiring. Women, no matter their age and no matter the task are the first volunteers. From clearing a site, mixing cement, hauling bricks, cooking lunch and everything in between, women lead the charge and if we’re lucky, men follow suit.

Today we tip our hats and say thanks to the hundreds of women whose tireless efforts in Building Tomorrow communities make it possible for thousands of girls (and boys) to step inside a permanently-built classroom for the very first time and receive a life-altering education.

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