Getting involved is easier than you think.


As Building Tomorrow gets bigger and bigger, more people are joining this great cause. One of those many people is I, Tori Blum, the thirteen year old volunteer at Building Tomorrow, trying to make a difference. I got involved in Building Tomorrow in 6th grade when a classmate of mine. Amy Lootens and her sister did a service-learning program called “Sit for Good”. It was very inspirational and got me thinking on how I could help. Then one night when I was on my computer I looked up, “Building Tomorrow: how can I help?” I found out that their Indiana base was right across the street from my house. I emailed the organization asking if there were any volunteering options. In two weeks I was walking to the building, ready to change education and raise money to build primary schools in Uganda.

What I like about Building Tomorrow is the fact that everyone that volunteers has a passion for educational growth and getting the younger generation involved with important causes. Getting involved with Building Tomorrow is a lot easier than you probably think. I think the first step is getting to know what you are trying to help out with. So, read up on what Building Tomorrow is all about and see what some programs you can do. Then get in contact with a volunteer or employee of Building Tomorrow and see if there are any volunteering options. Next try to get your school involved. Talk to a teacher or school head and get their opinion. After that talk with a group of friends about Building Tomorrow and how they could get in contact with this organization. Raise money, every cent counts. All the money that you, your school, and your friends make will all go towards the building of not just a primary school in Uganda, but an educational future with the world.

Tori Blum
Volunteer, Building Tomorrow
7th grader, St. Richard’s School

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