If you’ve seen a lot of orange on FB lately…


make this your FB profile pictureThen our profile picture campaign is working. So far 100 Building Tomorrow supporters have changed their profile-pictures to our logo as a way of pledging their support. The words “I AM” are affixed to the top of this logo to identify them as an active contributor in global change. By broadcasting our name to friends and followers, all of you participants are making a difference in the lives of children in Uganda. You are connecting people with Building Tomorrow by encouraging them to join you in your passion for education and in the movement to build schools.

While those profile pictures may well be replaced in a few days, we believe that their presence will be long-lasting. Oftentimes positive press and awareness can be far more effective than campaigns based around fundraising. Who knows – your profile-picture may inspire a new BT chapter at a university, a lifetime donor to get involved, or an architecture student to submit a design for a school in Uganda. Your profile-picture really can make a difference.

But this campaign is about much more than publicity, because at the heart of everything we do are the communities we partner with. Our model was deliberately designed to engage villages of people in Uganda with whom we work, so that they can be a part of their own solution to poverty and illiteracy. We don’t believe in giving hand-outs, but we do believe in providing those in need with a support-network to help them fulfill their potential.

However our community partnerships are not bound by the borders of Uganda. We have an entire nation of BT supporters here in the United States, who work tirelessly towards access to education. Our college chapters, our high-school supporters, our Social Investment Council and Board Members – these people are all a part of the ever-growing Building Tomorrow family. This Facebook campaign has been an incredible and inspirational kick-off to the summer, from a group of supporters who never stop giving.

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